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Recent acclaim for ADA Artists

Pine brings “great sensitivity” to Tulsa Opera “Of Mice and Men”

“Ava Pine treats what could have been a stereotypical character with great sensitivity. The scene of Curley’ Wife flirting with the ranch hands in the bunkhouse reveals her to be a woman unaccustomed to playing the vamp — Pine uses those piercing high notes in the middle of certain phrases … read more

Biller brings her “bright and flexible” voice to AZ “Fille”

“A passionate Marie, SUSANNAH BILLER was a veritable energizer bunny onstage. Her voice is bright and flexible with a good bloom on top and a tiny bit of steel in it. Having created an exciting character, she sang with agility as well as passion.” -Opera Today

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In Review: Cindy Sadler as New Orleans’ Marcellina

“Bass-baritone Thomas Hammons and mezzo CINDY SADLER made a well-matched pair as Dr. Bartolo and his former housekeeper, Marcellina — who apparently did more than just keep house for him. The scene in which they are revealed to be Figaro’s long-lost parents is one of the funniest in the opera.” … read more

Opera News has written an amazing review of MARIE-ÈVE MUNGER’s debut album, “Colorature”!

“Canadian soprano Marie-Eve Munger’s debut album, Colorature, is an ambitious collection of virtuoso French mélodies from the late-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. Munger could have chosen more traveled roads for her recording debut, but she and Canadian pianist Louise-Andrée Baril instead selected repertoire that showcases Munger’s crystalline high notes … read more

Mayes triumphs in Memphis “Glory Denied”

“At the center is Older Thompson, sung by baritone MICHAEL MAYES with power and nuance. Mayes has performed this role before and it’s difficult to imagine how, with his skill at the dramatic and in singing, it might be done better. He has the bearing of an officer yet we … read more