IN REVIEW: Minnesota Opera’s Silent Night

ADA Artists soprano Karin Wolverton and baritone Craig Irvin are “captivating”  in Minnesota Opera’s premiere of Silent Night.

“But it is the part of Anna Sorensen, as performed by soprano Karin Wolverton, who walked away with the spotlight. With her preternaturally ethereal tone soaring above the fray, one cannot help but agree with the enraptured soldier who equates Wolverton’s voice to that of an angel. Indeed, no single moment allows more intense poignancy than Act 1’s closing aria wherein Wolverton’s emotive register lifts the pathos to heartbreaking heights.”

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Opera News:

“As Anna Sørensen, Sprink’s operatic lover, company regular Karin Wolverton provided a contrast to the almost unrelievedly male world of this opera, singing intensely but displaying a bit less temperament than her role seems to require. Among the men, Troy Cook (Father Palmer), Andrew Wilkowske (Ponchel) and the tri-national trio of lieutenants (Liam Bonner, Craig Irvin, Gabriel Preisser) were especially notable.”

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Opera Today:

“However, John Robert Lindsey’s Jonathan, Andrew Wilkowske’s Ponchel and the trio of lieutenant (performed by Liam Bonner, Craig Irvin, and Gabriel Preisser) achieved the most captivating musical moments.”

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